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Under the guise of needing to protect the earth against climate change, we now have many restrictions and changes in our sources of energy and it’s usage,
which are costing the American citizens an astronomical amount of money. The goal to reduce so-called greenhouse gas emissions has put an undue target on
fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas and has led to restrictions of these types of energy sources. In place of these efficient and cost effective sources of energy we
are led to believe we can substitute renewable solar and wind energy for many of our needs.

It all sounds promising and well researched, but the facts are a reality check. In order to produce a 50 megawatt current of energy with a gas fired generating
plant, it would require approximately 2 to 5 acres of land for production of power. To create a 50 megawatt current of energy produced with solar panels, the
amount of land required would be around 1,000 acres. To create the same equivalent of energy using wind generators, the land required would be over 4,000
acres. Both solar and wind energy are by nature unreliable, and the expense of producing them are cost prohibitive.

Another often overlooked factor when considering both solar and wind energy, is the fact that they are both heavily subsidized by grants, which were generated
through taxing the citizenry.


You can think of Federal and State Government Grants as the equivalent of ‘the apple’ in the Garden of Eden. They are offered by agents of NGOs to various
business entities, Communities, Cities, Towns, Chambers of Commerce, and County Governments as a ‘blessing’ to alleviate the costs involved with
operational and infrastructure expenses. The grants most often have excessive requirements and stipulations attached to the acceptance of them, which are often
politically motivated and end up costing the recipients additional and ongoing expenses, not to mention the socially motivated effects that change the local area
in it’s population and economic prosperity and may also threaten property rights.


Non Government Organizations are non-profit entities that are heavily involved in environmental, humanitarian and social service programs, working to
empower the disadvantaged and minority groups. They are sanctioned by the United Nations, often serve as lobbyists for the World Economic Forum and work
closely with political parties and trade unions. Their main source of funding is through the government. According to Wikipedia, there are 1.5 million NGOs in the
United States.

NGOs help plan and write the agendas intended for use to “transform” America from a free capitalistic society where honesty and hard work are the key to
happiness and wealth, into a welfare state ruled with tyranny and stripped of freedom and rights, especially property rights. They infiltrate our local
governments by entering into agreements with our elected officials behind closed doors, such as the County Commissioners, who blindly accept the many grant
programs the NGO agents helped to create, and agree to set limitations of property and individual rights of the citizens. Most often these agreements also
include elevating the taxes of the citizens to pay for unnecessary requirements stipulated with the acceptance of the grants. Sadly, the same elected
Commissioners do not realize that as they give away their powers and decision making rights to the bureaucrats of the NGOs they appoint, they are losing their
place in our local government.

Regional Governance

Region Nine Development Commission is an example of an organization working under the implementation of Regional Governance. It is another layer of
government imposed on us to control, restrict, and regulate most every aspect of our lives and the use of our own private property. And as with any government it
needs to be funded and is supported with our tax dollars.

To best illustrate Regional Governance, picture the United States divided into ten regions under federal control. Instead of the 48 adjoining states each with their
own state capitol, you now have ten regions each with their own federally controlled capitol. Each of our states’ constitutions has been changed to include
language such as sub-state, multi-state, and multi-national units of government.

Thus the creation of bi-state, tri-state, and bi-national regions came into play by state legislators to erase state borders politically. The same method has been
used to eliminate our representative government locally. Our city, county, and township borders have been blurred and melded together with newly created
regional borders, which then require the “necessary” establishment of “planning commissions” to govern the new multi-county territories. Like magic, new layers of
government have been created and we end up with appointed people in power replacing those we thought we elected.


The many forms and layers of government that now rule us, depend on their funding from taxes levied against our private property. As government grows, and
the number of people dependent on government to take care of them grows, and funding for various government programs continue to grow, we can be certain to
see our taxes rise each and every year. There will be no relief in sight. The ultimate goal of our “new government” is to tax our private properties away from
us and turn America into a socialist ruled country with all of the population dependent on government. If you think this is fictitious, you need to look up the fall of other countries such as Venezuela, who were thriving economically in the not too distant past, then take a look at their current poverty rate under socialism.

This is exactly what we have present here in America. It is here by design. It has been planned. Unless we wake up from the “woke-ism” that has been forced upon
us and implanted in our brains through propaganda and brain-washing, we are destined for a “total transformation of America,” as Obama foretold.

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