Get Involved

The majority of us have spent our lives enjoying the pleasures, opportunities and freedoms we’ve been blessed with. We have failed to pay attention to the subtle intrusions that affect our freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, our religious rights, our property rights, our rights to protect ourselves, and so on.

It is past time that we put the “good life” on hold, lest we lose our grip on what makes our nation great. It is not by accident that unprecedented times are upon us. It is the deliberate intent of people with a lust for power to “fundamentally transform America.” Their plan is to strip us of our rights and freedoms and make us all dependent upon the Government in an ‘Orwellian dystopia.’

It is time to take a stand. It is time to unite. It is time to engage in one of the many ways of getting involved for the sake of – The United States of America. Please visit the links under ‘Resources‘ to learn more about the issues effecting our lives. Fill out the contact information on this site and commit to joining forces with us. And lastly, check back often on this website for new events to participate in.

Take time to reflect on all that has changed in our country.
Home-school if you possibly can, to protect the children from the propaganda being taught.
Educate the children with the history of the United States, its’ triumphs and failures.

Unite with like minded people to share ideas and strategies for returning America to her roots.
Nominate people who believe in constitutional law to run for political offices, or nominate yourself.
Identify the opposition among us and vote them out of leadership positions.
Thank those in political positions and law enforcement who defend our rights and freedoms.
Embrace the fact that everyone can make a difference if they take a stand.
Distribute resources and information to enlighten others of the true facts on the issues.

Speak up when you hear the propaganda and lies being presented as truth.
Take a stand with those who value life in all its stages. Those who don’t, do not care about yours.
Attend informational presentations when available. There is so much to learn.
Train yourself to always question the motives of ‘the planners,’ lest they be selling you a lie.
Embolden others to take a stand with you.
Stand strong, even when you find yourself in the minority.

Object to the disturbing ideologies being presented as normal. They are inspired by evildoers.
Find time to be involved with conservative causes. Be less busy with unimportant matters.

Access as much information and knowledge as you can before the freedom to do so is restricted.
Make a conscientious effort to avoid the evil forces competing for your attention.
Eliminate excuses for not getting involved.
Realize that most main-stream media has an agenda to sell and you cannot believe them.
Investigate the reading materials and curriculum the young people are exposed to and taught.
Care for those around you who are being adversely affected by the evil forces surrounding us.
Ask God to show you His will for your participation in this spiritual battle.

“We are the taxpayer,” each and every one of us. It is our money being used against us, corrupting our world. We need to take a stand. Our voices need to be heard.

Please fill out the contact information on this site and commit to joining forces with us. And lastly, check back often on this website for new events to participate in.