Ron Branstner
Thursday, May 2, 6:30pm
Le Center American Legion

Ron Branstner will be our guest for a captivating presentation at the Le Center American Legion, 6:30 PM. Ron speaks in down-to-earth language of his knowledge on the specifics of the who, what, where, and whys – of our society changing, our freedoms being stripped, the immigrants being moved in and our economy being tanked. His words flow fluidly and he speaks without the need for notes, due to the extensive research he – as a Minnesotan – has done to help others understand the future that is being planned for us – against our will and certainly not for our betterment! Ron was the first speaker we brought in to give a presentation for our guests here at the Le Center Legion, back in February of 2023. He totally engaged all who attended and the interest he awakened in those that were present, sparked the thought to continue bringing speakers in so that we may learn more and be aware of what is being planned for the “governance of we the people.” The speakers have all been good, but Ron talks to us on a local level as he is also living among us in the nightmare that is transforming Minnesota. Ron sees first-hand, like we do, the agenda driven results that are stealing the freedoms, hopes and dreams from our future and the future of our children and grandchildren.

When Ron sees what is happening he doesn’t just shake his head in disgust, he delves into uncovering the people and their plans that are causing it all. He identifies the nameless, faceless bureaucrats that are set on dominating those of us they consider to be ‘lesser’ than they. It’s all about power and control – same as it ever was – but now things are getting damaging to the point of no return! You need to know who the enemy is before you can guard yourself and your family from it, they, those, him, her, them, whatever and whomever. Ron will tell you who they are!

Discover the wide range and vast depth of knowledge Ron Branstner has by listening to some of his podcasts on “Catching Fire News” –

Mark your calendars now and make plans to attend. Invite others to come with you. No one that attends will walk away wishing that they hadn’t come. Most people want the night to continue on because his talks are actually that gripping!

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